We will ensure your property complies with the latest legislation on smoke alarms, electrical and gas safety. 

Victorian Legislation Changes

Be prepared – new changes are coming to Victorian Regulations in 2021

Safety obligations of all Victorian property managers and landlords will increase significantly on or before 29th March 2021.

Current regulations:

  1. Safety checks recommended for smoke alarms.
  2. Obligation on the agency to offer the owner take up of the smoke alarm service.
  3. General safety procedures at owner’s discretion.
  4. Service once a year.

Regulation changes from 29th March 2021:

  1. Compulsory smoke alarm plus gas and electrical safety checks.
  2. The responsibility of the agency to ensure compliance and keep relevant documents.
  3. Compulsory for owners to appoint provider(s)
  4. Always on protection.

Smoke Alarm Safety & Compliance Service

Getting it right the first time.

Smoke alarm legislation is complex and ever changing, with fire safety being something we do not take a chance with.

Experts in smoke alarms and legislation, Hornet offers property owners or managers the latest advice on all aspects of state-based requirements.

Landlords are largely responsible for the installation and safeguarding of smoke alarms.

Agents responsibilities may include informing landlords of their obligations ensuring smoke alarms in their managed properties are following state requirements.

Hornet Electrical, Plumbing & Smoke Alarm systems retain a digital audit trajectory of all communications and services demonstrating your unwavering commitment to occupant’s safety and property compliance.

Hornet Property Services Smoke Alarms

Electrical Safety & Compliance Service

Electrical Safety & Compliance Obligations on or before 29th March 2021.

Draft changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (Vic) means compliance obligations will significantly increase for Victorian landlords.

As a landlord, you have a duty of care to your tenants under the proposed changes. You will be required to undertake the completion of routine safety checks incorporating electrical and gas services. These must be performed by a qualified professional.

Obligations include:

  • Ensuring an electrical safety check of all electrical appliances, installations, and fittings. This must be conducted every second year by a licensed or registered electrician.
  • Where an electrical safety check has been remiss within the last two years, one must be organised as soon as is practical with the renter in the premises.
Hornet Landlord Electrical Complaince and Legislation Experts

Upon request the renter must be provided with the date of the most recent safety check containing the following information:

  • Details of the licensed or registered electrician who conducted the check.
  • Registration number or licence of the electrician who performed the check.
  • The date and the results of the check plus any repairs and actions taken to remedy the faults.

Gas Safety & Compliance Service

A gas safety check is not just an appliance service or carbon monoxide test. It includes servicing and testing of all installations and fittings inside the property.

Effective 29th March 2021, the new regulations will require:

The rental provider must ensure a gas safety check of all gas installations and fittings is conducted every 2 years by a licensed or registered gas fitter (the gas fitter will require a license/registration for ‘Type A Servicing’).

The rental provider must provide the renter with the date of the most recent safety check upon request.

If a gas safety check has not been conducted within the last 2 years, the rental provider must arrange one as soon as practicable upon a renter occupying the premises.

A record of a gas safety check must include the following information:

  • The name of the licensed or registered gas fitter who conducted the check.
  • The licence or registration number of the licensed or registered gas fitter who conducted the check.
  • The date the check was conducted.
  • The results of the check, including any repairs that were required and actions taken to address the repair.
Hornet Property Services Gas Compliance and Legislation

For more information see the draft Residential Tenancies Regulations 2020 or

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